Saturday, 20 February 2021

Double Domme

This maybe the ultimate fantasy for many, Dominated by two beautiful Women and it certainly has its place in Female Domination.

Miss has doubled up with Her friends on multiple occasions in order to dominate me, one such session was part of my collaring test.

There is fewer situations that reinforce the dominance and submission that being made to sit, naked on the floor as two Women either sit or stand above you.

 the feeling of being used and subjugated by two Women is epic...maybe being made to drink both versions of Champagne, delight in each special vintage is definitely something to saviour.

Then of course the humiliation of being made or forced to do something with someone else watching, goading and enjoying whatever situation Miss puts me in..

Who do You obey and follow if both Women, i will naturally follow and obey my Mistress - but She will be disappointed if i disappointed Her friend......

Being spit roasted by two Women is also an immense experience. Once that i have been fortunate to subjected to on more than one occasion, as Miss pimps me out to Her Friends. Strapped down, over the bench you are literally just there for the ride, as one Mistress enters the backside whilst the other rams Her cock down your throat, before swapping over to experience the skills and style of each Woman in each orifice.

Miss has tormented and used me with Her friends Miss Ruby, Mistress Mera, Mistress Inka and Miss Courtney in a number of locations and a number of times.....i am pretty sure there is more Double Domination to come.

i do in fact have a couple of Double Domme fantasy’s i would love to see happen - W/we have spoken about the one and hopefully and extended Double is on the cards for this this space..xx