Friday, 13 May 2022

Forced Orgasm

Miss Suzanna's fetish list - F for Forced Orgasm

i am totally fascinated by the whole concept of this. It absolutely empowers the Ladies who take total control and changes the norms for the male orgasm.

Just the concept of having an orgasm forced on me is fascinating. The fact that is not my choice to orgasm how and when I would like to.

Clearly the male orgasm was 'designed' to do a the cruel hands of Miss Suzanna that 'job' is far from being even the merest consideration.

When She decides that my orgasm is to be forced upon me i remain powerless to resist and knowing i, and my cock are just along for the ride and not knowing how or when it will end.

Miss has taken many orgasms from me in many (mainly) painful ways. From the moment She begins the arousal, and my cock is made to grow in Her hands there is no going back. i, and my cock are just puppets for Her to play with until the spunk is removed from my balls.

Whether i want to orgasm or not is not really my choice - i may try to resist cumming and try to control my cock, but in reality, this is fruitless as Miss will continue the milking process until She has removed what She wants.

Forced erection, continued erection is painful and frustration and leads to blue balls which being to ache to be emptied. This is a bitter sweet situation as 99% of the time the orgasm will be ruined in some way, totally removing the orgasmic sensation that i crave and leaving me frustrated, submissive and devoted to Miss Suzanna.

i recall a situation i found myself in which optimised this state. i was securely strapped to a whipping bench having just been pegged. Miss then grabbed my cock and began to make it grow. i was face down and blindfolded, unable to see, unable to move so all i could feel was my cock being made to get hard. Miss continued the cold forcing oof an erection, i was powerless to stop it.

i always have to beg for my release and as Miss continued to milk me like a cow i felt the need to beg. To my surprise there was no edging today, just straight to ejaculation. At that pivotal moment Miss stopped Her magical hand action and i came, ruining the moment. She then milked me more, ensuring all of my filth was out before walking slowly to the front of me and pouring the sperm She had caught in Her hand, down my throat.

Disgusting and humiliating, but by owning my orgasms, She owns me, my submission and devotion reinforced each and every time.