Thursday, 20 February 2020

taken a different way

The last few times Miss has pegged me has been on the more sensual side.....lay on my back, Miss over and on top of me, hands round my throat and staring deep into my eyes as She penetrates me.

The sensual and visual overload during the violation drives my submission, reinforces Her dominance over me and ensures i know my place beneath Her.

The most recent time Miss choose to sodomise me, She also chose a different way to method of doing so.

As i lay on my front. She firstly hogtied me, gagged and blind folded me before inserting a plug into my arse. When the time came to remove the plug, Miss also removed the hog tie, gag and blind fold, before driving Her cock inside of me.

Naked and face down on Her bed with my head in the pillows Miss fucked me hard and fast. No looking at Her pretty little face as She took me, just head buried in the pillows which muffled my gasps as Miss continued to nail me.

Short, fast and hard strokes Miss pumped in and out of me as i lay there with just my thoughts as She pound away behind me.

When She was satisfied, She withdrew....only to replace the cock that had just been inside me with a larger one..."On all fours" She commanded as She got back on the bed..."pick up the poppers and inhale..." as Her drugs entered my head She entered my arse for round two. Miss grabbed my hips and proceeded to take me doggy style....this time a slower pace but deep and relentless.

A pegging of a different technique, yielding the same result and ensuring my submission, devotion as She reinforced Her dominance.


Saturday, 25 January 2020

Her human receptacle

So i am sat here, grabbing some screen stills from a hot human ashtray clip i filmed with Miss recently, and it got me thinking about the substances She effortlessly forces me to ingest, without question, and for Her pleasure and amusement.

In this instance its not only the ash i have to eat but She really does exhale all of Her smoke directly into my mouth, even holding my nose shut to ensure that i consume the lot.

i am no longer a smoker....except when Miss chooses to use me as Her smoke and ash tray, to which i find myself unable to resist and honoured to assist.

During this clip Miss also departed Her spittle into my mouth - it is such an honour to receive this. Whether Miss spits with force and venom at my face, or slowly drizzles Her saliva into me, the liquid produced by my Mistress is always sacred and a pleasure to receive.

Previously, She has forced me to drink the spunk of other men.....and i feel sure that She has not finished with this humiliating and degrading of drinks just yet

She has also of course forced me to drink my own seamen - both in Her presence and remotely - which i had to film me doing so as evidence...

In Her latest creation Miss has me swallowing is a cocktail of my very own cum and Her champagne, all mixed together in a glass. Having milked me into the receptacle containing Her golden nectar, She handed me the glass so as i did the deed myself, and emptied the spunky champagne cocktail, into my own mouth and on to swallow it.

Talking of champagne, although always a little humiliating drink, it is always an honour to receive the golden product of Her heavenly body.

i am fortunate enough to have consumed this in many ways - both warm and cold - on film and off, from only Miss and mixed with other Mistress's nectar, in public, in private and in a group situation where everyone knew that my drink was Mistress's champagne, and ultimately from the source itself.

So in reality, all of the products She produces have now gone inside of me....and some products She doesn't produce..:)

Another ingestion was Viagra......just as She had me chastised in a Mikes Spikes.....ensuring my erection was sustained, even under the oppression of the spikes......and Miss didnt need to even touch me to inflict Her pain.

Such cruel, wicked humiliating ways to ensure i swallow whatever She desires me too.


Wednesday, 22 January 2020

The day is definitely coming.....

i can feel it, i can sense it, i fantasise about it...the day is coming when i fully take another mans cock.

There is no doubt about it Miss Suzanna has me well and truly on the forced bi road. She put me on it for Her pleasure and is/has expertly manipulated and trained me to Her whim.

Over the journey of working for, and obtaining Her collar the bisexual path has been inter linked.

i have already swallowed the cum of three men - whether my future spunk swallowing activities are confined, or i am required to eat the spunk of whoever Miss Maxwell chooses me to, is quite simply the choice and decisions of my Owner.

The first time i swallowed male filth was all caught on camera. Miss had Her two Dominatrix friends, Miss Ruby and Mistress Inka both milk Their sub into a little glass jar. With the cum of two men extracted, all three Mistress's attention then turned to me, forcing me to ejaculate, whilst i was physically chastised into the same little jar. Miss then delighted in tipping the spunky mix down my throat. i had no choice but to swallow, which i did without question.

This followed me being made to cum on a sissy face, as part of a bukkake scene Miss wanted...again...i was futile against the will of Her wishes of that day and duty masturbated over him for Her.

The second and third times where Her Husbands own cum. Once warm and fed to me from Miss's fingers following my cuckolding experience, and once cold, fed to me off a spoon in a humiliating and degrading act of cuckolding.

i have also had my cock sucked three times by three different men, for Mistress amusement. The first was as i was securely bound to a wheel. Miss and Her friend Miss Ruby taunted and teased me as Their sub went down on me for the first time.

Second was again caught on camera. When Miss was informing me and Her other sub of the plan for the clip She simply told us both, that he was going to suck my cock. He did, and sucked me erect - both of us performed our forced bisexual duties without question for our Mistress. It was at this point i knew i would be made to deliver my load into another man sooner, rather than later.

This delivery happened just before Christmas as Miss coerced my cock into another mans mouth, and this time it was to completion.
i was before Miss, submissive and naked except for my collar and bound star shaped. Miss had just branded me, so my full balls were very sore.
She used Her mesmerising techniques to ensure i complied with Her wishes of that day, and force me into bi sexual activity once more.
Drugged, bound and teased She drove me into a super submissive state ensuring i offered no resistance as i felt my cock enter his warm willing mouth. Expertly he sucking me erect and then on to full orgasm, Miss graciously allowing me to cum in his mouth as my balls drained into him.

my Owner is in total control of me and it is simply a case of when not if, She chooses for me to receive a real cock for the first time.

Not only is it Her choice of when and where but which cock, if he is allowed to cum, if he is will it be down my throat? will i have to swallow it, how many days worth of spunk will be in the balls, will there just be one cock, or multiple, will i be blindfolded, will i be chastised as i give head, or a free man - all Her choices.

When it does happen i hope that Miss looks at me, with my lips around a nice erect cock and feels proud that i am Hers, proud that i am sucking cock for Her, proud that She can humiliate me in this way. i hope She watches as my first real cock twitches and pulsates in my mouth, knowing that it is now delivering the contents of two full balls of spunk to the back of my throat.

There is a lot that fascinates me about sucking a real cock.
Will i be able to control my gag reflex as he unloads inside me? and keep his cock in my lips? will i Miss let me see the first man to penetrate me? will i know the name of the fist guys spunk i swallowed directly? will i be required to swallow with is cock inside me? or will he pull out to let me swallow the spunk? how hot will it look as his cock head slides in and out of my lips? how hot will it look when the cock pulsates into me? how will he taste? how much cum will there be? will Miss milk me and feed this to me after making two lots of cum in me? could i swallow more loads? how about a glory hole?...the questions rage on.

So once i have been penetrated orally and swallowed more and more spunk it can only be a matter of time before Miss over sees and orchestrates removing my anal virginity and claiming it as another one of Her prize's.

i wonder how Miss will do this....will She want to stare deep into my eyes as it penetrates me? or will She want to watch the cock as it slides in and out of my hole? will She spitroast me?  Who will it be? Who will She choose to take me? Will he cum whilst inside me? Will Miss peg me afterwards? With a bigger cock? All of these questions, and the answers all lie with not me, but one fantastic Woman, my Owner Miss Suzanna Maxwell.

From a hard limit when i began devotion, Miss has skilfully and successfully manipulated and bent my will to Her desires, the desires to do whatever She wants with me......and i cannot resist.

Tuesday, 31 December 2019

Happy 2020

Happy New Year Miss, Happy New Year readers.....🎈🎉

2019 was an evolving year in many ways. Beginning with earning and being presented with my collar in January and the mind blowing ceremony that followed in March, to ending the year with a truly awesome filming day, being three of many highlights.

It was also the year of deeper submission, removal of boundaries and of consumption of both spunk and champagne.

From being allowed to watch Miss deliver, before drinking Her finest in January to actually drinking from the wonderful source later in the year was a progressive path.

Spunk swallowing was a different journey! From the first time consuming other men’s sperm in Jan to the honour of being fed Her husbands cum both warm and cold later in the year. Then from mid to back end of the year felt like each time i saw Miss, i left with a stomach full of my own seamen fully fed back to me after She milked me into a glass.

We filmed on 6 occasions (plus 1 for the English Mansion) netting 29 clips, with Miss claiming 8 ruined orgasms and pegging me three times.

We sessioned on 10 occasions so that was probably 10 more peggings, branded 3 times and with 22 orgasms taken from me and ruined in someway 😳😳

As well as the filming and sessions i had the honour of accompanying Miss both to the English Mansion and a flogging event in Birmingham. All that coupled with assistance at two full photo shoots equalled a rewarding year serving Miss Suzanna Maxwell.

2020 starts by looking forward to being able to accompany Miss once more to Pedestal in January, the first event accompanying as Her collared submissive.

i am not one for resolutions or to much reflection - but i do have a 5 page summary of 2019 drafted, i'm not sure if it will ever see the light of day though..;)

i wish you all - particularly Miss and Her pride - a happy, healthy and successful 2020

slave flash

Sunday, 1 December 2019

Xmas session

So as we head in to December i head for the last session of the year with Miss next week, bringing back fond memories of last years Christmas session.

It was my first ever serving Miss in a domestic session, where She beat me, drugged me, nailed me and allowed me a non ruined orgasm for the fist time as a Christmas gift from Her.

Up until that point, and indeed every time since when Miss Suzanna has extracted my orgasm from me, She has ruined it in some way.

5 of my last 6 orgasms i have been made to lick back up, with Miss actually catching 3 of them and pouring the whole spunky mess back down my throat.

The 6th one, although perhaps not technically ruined Miss simply took it from me as i lay suspended, drugged with a re-breather mask on, helpless and speechless as i concentrated on breathing whilst She extracted my cum.

So full feeding my spunk back to me is Her current favourite way of ruination it seems, but over the last 22 months Miss has probably chosen abandonment more times than any other, as Her way of ruining me. This is normally preceded by numerous merciless edging which has me a trembling, frustrated mess, putty in Her hands. More often than not Miss abandons me at the crucial point of orgasm before, scooping my spunk up and forcing me to lick my mess from Her fingers.

Post orgasm torture has featured on Her array of deliciously cruel ruining techniques. So has forcing a second sample immediately after the first, continued milking, forced to cum while chastised, beating my balls as i cum - either by hand beating or kicking...many, many ways does Miss have of ensuring She extracts the sperm, without the enjoyment of an orgasm.

Heres hoping that this year Miss allows me just one more non-ruined orgasm..........i wont hold my breath...:) xx

Monday, 4 November 2019

the most elite champange


Its fair to say i had not enjoyed too much champagne drinking prior to devotion and indeed until the start of 2019. Miss Suzanna also acknowledging early on in O/our journey that relieving Oneself in slave company is something to build up to.

To be fair, i was first exposed to Her nectar in July 18, duly saturated from the source as i lay blindfolded in a bath, prior to going for lunch. 
my second exposure, and my very first taste of champagne was in Her dungeon, whilst tied to a chair and i was allowed a few teasing sips during O/our session.

However it was a filming duty in early 2019 where the watersports levels began to be ramped up with a huge kick start in Derby. Whilst on set, and as cameraman, Miss presented me with a fresh cup of produce, and instructed me to drink it. This was infront of 7 or 8 other people. It was delightfully degrading. i of course sipped and enjoyed my drink as i filmed Her dominating Her filming slaves in the day.

Since that day i have taken Miss’s golden nectar several more times and in different ways and circumstances…..which all drive slightly different sentiments and receptors.

When it is taken cold – Maybe taken during session, or like at Derby whilst carrying out other activities for Miss it brings on a more prolonged period of humiliation. Sipping the golden nectar cold just reinforces my servitude to Her and my willingness to drink for Her. i have generally taken it like this when Miss has other activities to get on with, so She allows me to drink at my pace.....but it all needs to be consumed.

Taken warm – Obviously freshly delivered, the warm drink has a slightly different texture….and when Miss glares at me ensuring I drink it all adds to that degradation.
This is when Miss effectively forces me to consume Her nectar in Her timescale....which generally is very short. Gulping all of Her liquid down, nice and warm gives me a more degraded feel as Her beautiful eyes watch me drink Her.
In public - One of the ultimate humiliations for me is when i am allowed to drink Champagne in public, especially if its the only drink i am allowed and Miss is enjoying a more traditional drink.

i have had the honour of doing this which again ensured i feel submissive when in public to my Mistress. This could be taken to another level, if W/we were ever eating out and my glass was filled with Her golden liquid as Miss's was filled with real champagne.

From the source – at Oubliete but not really sure who i was drinking from as Miss had invited two of Her friends to use me as their toilet too. That day i drank 3 Mistress's champagne, as it was all mixed together and individually from the was just an extremely humiliating experience, but one that has me craving to drink from the source again. 

Miss has threatened to do this, so I in no doubt it is in Her plans for the future and will be a proper honour to try and consume it all. i am imagining a relentless stream of Her hot liquid as i try to gulp it all inside of me.

Finally a true fantasy of mine would be to be Miss's exclusive toilet for the day, each and every time She wants to go She simply uses my throat as Her toilet, using me whenever She desires.

One fantasy I have is to drink all of Her water during a day – so each time She wants to go, I have to swallow it all and flush for Her.

Sunday, 29 September 2019

cum eating, for Miss Suzanna


So this blog is an edited version of one that was up for only a week or so. Why edited? Because of the degrading and humiliating events of O/our last session, when Miss made me eat spunk again.......and not my own! So the ending has been changed...;)

Miss Suzannas latest clip on Her C4S store has inspired me to finally note down my thoughts on the subject of cum eating.

And lets face it its humiliating at best, tastes disgusting and there is something simply not right about being made to swallow ones own cum.

i have lost count of the number of times Miss Suzanna Maxwell has made me lick my filth off Her fingers. It has been common practice in our time together when Miss extracts my orgasm for Her to ensure She has it on Her fingers and for me to lick them clean.....ensuring i taste my own seed after orgasm.

So as i am sat here on Suzanna Sunday, extremely horny and with a vibrating butt plug inside me to do my stretching exercises its a opportune time to write.

As i said its normal practice now for me to lick my spunk from Miss's fingers after She has taken another orgasm from me. i dont like it, but i am resigned to the fact that as long as Miss owns me and my orgasms then She will deal with the outcome as She wants, its Her choice.

As humiliating as that is i am always thankful that the saving grace is the quantity doesnt feel overwhelming - the taste is disgusting and i still feel extremely small as this beautiful Woman is recycling my seed back into me.

A notable occasion was when Miss was with Her kinky friend Miss Ruby. i was to accompany them on a night out, but before we left for the night Miss felt the need to empty my balls before we went out.

i was taken upstairs by these two beautiful Women and forced to strip, when i was hogtied on the bed and blindfolded. The two dominant Women toyed with me for a while before leaving me to return down stairs. i remain hogtied, naked and blindfolded as i could hear them talking and laughing downstairs.
After what seem like an eternity i sensed the two Women return - where by they toyed with me again. This time Miss began to edge me. This is something She does very, very well and very cruelly (blog on this most frustrating and exhausting of activities sometime soon).

After Miss had had Her fun of taking me to the edge of climax a few times with me begging fruitlessly for a release, She finally allowed it and She emptied Her balls all over my stomach.
Miss then delighted in scooping it up and rubbed in into my face whilst making me lick it off Her fingers. The two Ladies then returned downstairs to leave me again, but this time with a face full of drying cum and its taste on my tongue to remind me of my place.

i was allowed to accompany these two Ladies that evening, drained of cum ensuring my submission.

The footjob in 'a feast from My feet' was not the first time i had been made to lick my cum from Her feet, although it was my first time being forced to cum by Her feet.

In another hot clip, "worship then wank" i am filmed worshipping Miss Suzannas amazing stocking clad legs. Miss will allow me a release on condition that i can hold out until Her count of 31 and i cum on Her feet and eat it off them. Now i love nylon...the sight, the touch, the feel and even the sound of Miss in stockings is to die for.

my sticky mess was easily visible against the black of Her nylon and eating my cum off the nylon was a delight, even if it was the same disgusting taste.

Thankfully Miss was bare legged as She used her feet to drain me in the a feast from My feet clip. Imagine the pain of a nylon foot sand paper!!

Anyway, in this clip my semen is extracted once more and i am made to cum on Her feet, then without wasting no time, and before it went cold Miss made me lick it all off Her delectable toes.

As i say, She has feed me my cum countless ways, and as humiliating as licking from Her fingers or toes is, making me drink all of it is a whole different level.

Thankfully, She has so far only made me do this once. It was in session, again with Miss Ruby in attendance.

It was at the very start of the session, i was naked before these two, both dressed in stunning matching black lingerie i was already in submissive heaven.

Miss cuffed me and hoisted my wrists in to the air allowing full and undefended access to my cock and balls for whatever They preferred. Miss was straight up "We are going to milk you into this glass and pour it down your throat" - oh god.....!

There was no edging, no play just a forced erection from these two blonde Goddesses. Miss Ruby probing Her fingers into my back and massaging the balls to encourage that sperm. Miss Suzanna meanwhile gets into Her perfect hand rhythm that gives me no defence against the erection.

The milking continues without stopping, and i get closer and closer to cumming. i cant help it, i certainly cant prevent it as Miss relentlessly goes after that orgasm. As i get close the thoughts of me swallowing my own full load cancel out any niceties applied to being allowed to cum and soon the inevitably eruption into the glass and the realisation of what is going to happen next.

i had been chastised for 14 days so Miss extracted all that spunk and ensured the glass was emptied and all 14 days worth going down my throat.....this was probably the most humiliated i had felt so far in our journey.

So Miss has only fed it to me once, but She has made me drink it twice more if i recall correctly on my own as punishment for breaking Her rules. Now this is humiliating....!! being made to release in to a glass, drink it and send Her video evidence of me doing it........yuk..! i try to stick to the rules now..:)

So if drinking my own spunk is bad enough even more humiliating is eating another mans load. Miss has forced me to do this three times now.

The first time was again filming, this time in Derby and following an intense period of chastity, where Miss actually had my key for three days. Knowing that She had it is a different feeling altogether, its special.

Anyway, this was effectively day 2 and i had been released from chastity for a bukkake scene where i was required to cum over another slave face before being returned to thankfully i was fairly empty when it came to my milking.

Miss's friend Mistress Inka expertly tied me star shaped to the bed and Miss began Her task of extracting my cum, whilst chastised.

Whilst i knew Mistress Inka and Miss Ruby were also extracting cum from Their slaves i did not know they would catch it all in one glass.....the same glass that i would be milked into before Miss Suzanna tipped the whole 3 loads into my throat, and ensuring i swallowed the lot.

i love this shot of Miss Suzanna and Mistress Inka looking very contented after making me drink the three loads of semen.
This single humiliating act was a defining moment in our journey as it cemented my trust in Miss. We had never spoken of forced cum eating, or eating another mans sperm - if She would have asked me i  would have passed, but She said 'trust Me'....i did and She created an environment in which She could get it done and without going anywhere near breaking me.

Secondly, the night Miss Suzanna cuckolded me. This was an altogether off the scale experience which ended with the same, spunk eating result for me.
Miss Suzanna's husband cock, having just pleasured Her.

This time, although just as humiliating, was something extra, as it was from Miss Suzannas special Man, in a unique occasion. His spunky mess was indeed entwined with Miss very special and sacred liquid, the cocktail of both of Their cum feed to me in an symbolic session was a different feeling.

immediately after being fed some spunk and  if you look closely you will see some of His cum on my lip.

i have not met Mistress's Man, only swallowed His load, and i am sure it will not be my last time.

In the run up to O/our September session Miss Suzanna had dropped a couple of hints that She will feed me Her mans spunk again, hot and/or cold......:/ Clearly i hoped She was just teasing or that She would forget or it would be in the future or something.

The session started with me naked except for my collar - Miss was fully clothed in Her everyday wear. The CFNM situation ensures submission in it self. The She sat me on a chair blindfolded and locked me in a brutal chastity device as She began Her teasing and tormenting of me.

This teasing and tormenting climaxed with me eating Miss's lovers cum for the second time. This time is was cold and pungent. As She brought the spunky spoon close to me i smelt Him - it was then i knew i was to be made to eat cum once more. 'Open your mouth' She commanded and simply fed it to me with a spoon....i have never before felt submission like it....The degrading, humiliating feat of being force fed cold sperm has driven my submission to Miss Suzanna deeper than i thought possible.

Including my own filth, thats four men's samples Miss has coerced me into drinking. Its all disgusting and horrid tasting, and forced bi is certainly not my thing in any shape or form, but there is a different feeling about tasting Miss's own Lover.


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