Monday, 18 February 2019

Drugged by Mistress

OK, Miss Suzanna is my drug we all know that......but.......

i have been addicted since our very first meeting. However, in the last few sessions, Miss has actually started to drug me....and it is a whole new experience for me.

i understand people react differently to poppers than others, i must react very well, as when they fall into Mistress's beautifully manicured hands, they take me places i have never witnessed before.

i have had poppers before, in fact Miss Herself gave them to me on that said very first meeting as She bent me over and pegged me for the first time.....its nice, it relaxes you - but when they are 'forced' into you for a more prolonged time then boy is it different!

my first experience of this difference was following my first branding. Miss had me strapped securely to Her gynaecologist chair and after She had  branded me She began the forced intox and anal stretching procedure.

my sight was removed with a blindfold - a trick i now know Miss uses very deliberately and to a resounding success....then the bottle was placed near my nose, She closed the other nostril with Her finger, and some fingers under my jaw meant that to breath, i had to inhale those poppers.

Suddenly the music blends further into the background, and Miss's sexy whispering tones become deeper, hornier and more pronounced as more drugs are administered. It was a heavy drugging, more than i had inhaled before for sure.

Once Miss was satisfied i was in deep sub space, She began the pumping up of the dildo that had been placed in my is a blur what happened after, i all know it was a very erotic and intense experience the like i had not experienced before.

Move forward to the next session....the one before Christmas and my very first domestic setting. i didn't really know what to expect to be fair, this time i was taken deep into Her space again.

After the worship, and mandatory beating, i was laid out on the bed, wrists cuffed together above my head, and again my sight removed with a blind fold.

With me secured naked to Her bed, i sensed Miss appear to the side of me and again, using the one nostril trick ensured i had to inhale Her drugs. As Her medicine began to work, i sensed Her now between my legs and almost over me......i felt a little tissue under my nose and again the smell of poppers....this time i craved them inhaling deeply through my nose, clamouring for the drugs my Mistress was giving me.

Then the cold sensation of lube before something was in my ass.....feeling Her legs so close this was clearly Her strap seemed to slip in easily as i continued to inhale the drugs.

Miss took time for my ass to get use to the foreign object in it, before She began slowly and sensually fucking me with it...i am sure She was talking to me again, im not sure what was said, but it was erotic, as She went deeper and deeper inside of me....never have i been taken so deeply as She was fucking me right now.....slow, rhythmic and deep......heaven.

i felt Miss changing positions and sensed Her near me....She removed the blind fold, as my eyes adjusted to the light i could see a vision of perfect beauty, up close and staring right into my eyes, as She continued to fuck me.

Normally, when Miss stares at me at close quarters, i fold and look away...but here i was transfixed on Her big beautiful blue eyes. i could not look away and i gazed into Her.

As we engaged in the deep eye contact...Hers of dominance, mine of submission i could not help my self but whisper...."please Miss.........fuck me..."

my eyes were teary, my lips were shaking and my body trembling all over as Miss Suzanna obliged the slow deep probing inside my She was silent....just staring, moving, fucking me in a heaven i didnt want to end.

i was silent, unable to move as i was deep, deep into Her space again, totally submissive, wholly in Her control and ready and willing for the Woman i adore.

It is an out of this world experience, one in which Miss is a expert in and in total control of. i have since been fortunate to have been subjected to it again.

She delights in putting me there, wholly owning my body, mind and total state of submission beneath Her, where She could do absolutely anything She wanted to do to me.

my words cannot do the feeling justice, it is simply immense, a whole new level. One where i feel like a physical part of the Goddess i adore as She strips all and any part of my masculinity and takes me on Her journey.


i feel honoured and privileged to be owned by this amazing Woman, and will remain totally devoted to Her and Her needs.



Saturday, 2 February 2019

Music and flash

Music has such a big influence on me and plays such a big part in everything i do.

i love many, many things about it: playing it, creating it, watching it, dancing to it, listening to it (especially vinyl), and connecting with the lyrics.

Many song writers tell there fantasises and stories they cannot tell in person through their music.

i can connect with a lot of stories through many songs, and the one below is for the here and now with Miss S Herself.

Using some creative flexibility i can totally relate to this song and Suzanna and i....OK i dont come from Echo Park,  and ive never been in such dark places as Tim recalls but everyone has there ups and downs and i definitely see "light in darkness come through".

But y'know "Who Would Have Thought" that this time 18 months or so ago we would be where we are now.....? who would have thought i'd end up with You....??

certainly not me, it wasn't even on my radar to be devoted, let alone owned by a Mistress (or anyone for that matter) as i didnt know i could be........ then along comes Miss Suzanna and the song hits the nail on the head...;) xx

So who the feck is the band...???

Rancid - and anyone who has been with me for any length of time knows & will be bored of my obsession with with boyish at my age!!! lol

i have a huge vinyl collection of theirs, tattoos, signed stuff, signature guitars, original art done by Tim, memorabilia all over the place and of course i have seen them many times in 3 different countries and two continents.

i have so much respect for Tim  - the singer on the right in the video - for what he has achieved in music and his creative genius - punk, rap, reggae, opera, pop music (he wrote Pinks Trouble and co-wrote the Try This album)

Whilst the singer on the left of the video is my all time hero - he has tattooed me (OK he is a scratcher but thats irrelevant!) it was such a cool day when he put that on me fact the rest of my tats are all Rancid related - yes they do mean that much.

ive also got to hang with Lars on a few occasions which is really cool, and will do so again next weekend which is going to be amazeballs, and already a highlight of this year.

Anyway, i have many favourite Rancid songs, but this one, kind of ties back in.

Check it out, have a little sing along and enjoy the gift of music.

kink blog next...promise...xxxx

Sunday, 13 January 2019

update on the last few days

Having returned yesterday from a couple of days serving and being tormented by Miss Suzanna and Her friends, i sit here in recovery mode doing some admin and stuff...:/

So how was it...??? Well, the object was to film some material for Her you will need to wait till it comes out and buy the clips to see what filth She got up will be worth it..:)

i learnt so much about myself, so much about Miss and so much about other people it was fascinating.

Aside from serving in clips, the three high points - amongst many - for me were:

1 - Being confirmed as collared, and presented with the valuable item on Friday 11th January.

2 - The total and unexpected honour, to be made to drink Her champagne, from a cup during the course of the day...on not one day, but two!

So, not made to do it in the intensity of a session, just expected to sip Her golden nectar, both in the warm and cold states and in full view of everyone else, until i had consumed was amazing how aroused it got me (well within my cage obviously) was magical and something i never thought would be achievable. Already a highlight of this year.

3 - Drugged. Miss drugs me so well it is itself becoming addictive. It takes me into another world, sub space like no other and one when i have no control at all...i am wholly Hers.

At one point She appeared over me, so close, staring deep in to my eyes ....i was unable to move, or do anything else but take in Her beauty. i was aware i was trembling uncontrollably and crying with ecstasy as Miss was whispering something to my forced drugged up state i am even more powerless, simply another magical moment.

So, memories to recall during worship this evening....thats if it's had a torrid time this week....;) xxx

so proud...... gives me great pleasure and pride to announce that on Friday 11th January 2019 Miss Suzanna Maxwell confirmed i had earned my collar, to which She then duly presented it to me.

It means a lot, it means more than alot and i am glad to have served well enough to have earned it.

It has not been easy, or without sacrifice but i have clearly come through the tests and challenges that She has set me todate.

i very much look forward now to the next chapter of worshipping, serving and working for Her, as one of Her collared submissive's.

Wednesday, 2 January 2019

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year and welcome to 2019...:)

i had drafted a review of 2018, but decided against publishing it, as frankly its not relevant....and a look forward to this year is a little more appetising..:)

So what has little slave flash got to look forward to on the journey with Miss Suzanna Maxwell..??

Hopefully lots....a full 12 months of more of the same and more of different and more of more...! There is so much stuff i want to experience at Her hands if possible, that it is a case of what's first....;)

i always want to experience different things and i did exactly that in 2018 so hopefully we can keep it diverse in 2019 too.

But also, how about more of:

chastity - both physical and trust based, hopefully some key holding too - ruined orgasms, ball busting, nipple torture, forced intox, anally stretched wider and violated deeper and longer, maybe even some more forced bi..;) , trampling, facesitting and breath control, spitting, humiliation, watersports, worship, public humiliation, just being dominated and controlled whenever in Her presence, and maybe some more filming...the list is a fabulous one that i am eager to develop.

Also, more submission, more servitude towards Her and more support where She requires it to achieve Her goals and aims. More support of Miss's online presence Her store's and Only Fans.

Our last session in 2018 was epic, with me in a space where She had me willingly begging for Her cock......i will write a review soon for approval first of course.

Our first session in 2019 seems an age away at the moment, but im sure it will soon roll round enough.

be good,


Saturday, 15 December 2018

Orgasm controlled

so as i sit here day 6 of chastity, my mind switches to my last session of 2018 with Miss next week and thoughts on what She has in store for me.

She has mentioned sub state, which She well and truly put me in last time and it was super awesome so ill be intrigued by that!

Also what are Her plans for my orgasm, if any....? Pretty much everyone one this year has been ruined by Miss. Either by forcing it, making me eat it, post orgasm torture including ball punches and forcing a second without a break, or by edging me a painful amount of times before removing Her hand at the point of no turning back. All either painful or humiliating, or both.

So my thoughts are what will it be next week....?

Btw she even controls them remotely from distance in the same manner. They are well and truly owned by Miss Suzanna.

Friday, 7 December 2018

December domestic filming

So earlier on this year i was honoured enough for Miss Maxwell to ask me to film as a sub for Her in some domestic setting clips. That filming day was yesterday.

In a fun day of filming. W/we shot 3 clips and i filmed Miss in action with another sub (black sheep) in another 4. In between filming Miss allows a fairly relaxed atmosphere, but leaves you in no doubt of Her dominance with occasional reprimands such as ball squeezes throughout the day. Of course She is attended to as She requires with refreshments and assistance with menial tasks also.

So, more than 24 hours later and my - or more relevant - Miss Suzanna's balls are still aching. In the very first clip, She dished out some very painful ball busting and all whilst i was chastised. i can say no more until She chooses to release the clip, but i was proud to suffer for Her and capture that suffering on film.

Filming as a sub is totally different from a session - and i love both. With filming, you dont get the intensity of session play, but you do get to learn a little about Miss in the breaks, and clearly the pain is dished out as you would expect..;) i know not of what i am going to be required to film, again this matters not to me as i totally trust my Mistress - She knows me so well now and She is an exceptional reader of not underestimate this point....!!;)

my next meeting with Miss is as accompaniment with Her to Bitches Unleashed...something i am honoured to have been invited to do. i have been allowed to accompany Her to BU once before, and thoroughly enjoyed it....this time however, will be in different circumstances.....

The main one being, W/we now know each other a lot more due to my total devotion and servitude to Her throughout this year.

Secondly She owns me, there is no doubt about that any longer from my point of view and She is vocal about it to. As such i need to continue my learning at the event, i dont want to let Her down and i dont want to cramp Her style...its tough this devotion deal...;)

Also i will know a lot of the Mistresses there - Ladies who i admire and respect. i hope to have conversations with them but obviously my heart and soul will be with my Mistress, at Her feet or at Her service, whichever She chooses.