Thursday, 20 August 2020

Cross dressing

Another fetish that is not to high on my fetish list....that doesnt mean i am not interested in parts of it.:)

i cant walk in heels and would look bloody ridiculous in a corset but i do find curiousity in being made to look like the Superior Sex and having make up applied by Miss.

Clothed Female, naked male and the humiliating situation of being made to sit quietly as Miss, up close and in my personal space, applies products of Her choosing to my face. Mascarer? blusher? foundation? eye shadow? eye liner? false lashes? and a thick coat of lip stick......but what colour..?

The state of not knowing what i will look like, what colours She has chosen but clearly i can feel the full face of make up.

Maybe after the make up session i am put in a bra with silicone boobs as Miss then leads me to Her bedroom once more so She can reassert my position by violating my tightest hole once more.

Pegged again by Miss, this time as She enters me, She has a prettier made up face to stare into as She drives Her cock deep into me....

Confinement and caging

Probably not a major part of O/our play but it certainly has its role as part of a session, 

Another fansaty of mine would however be to be bound, confined and/or caged as Miss dominates another male - or female - sight removed wishing it was me (or not!) wondering whats going to happen next, or how long the session and Domination would last. 

To listen in on the session, knowing full well i will recieve no attention and that Miss is having all the fun with someone else.....imagine being in the cage below where Miss is pegging Her sub right above me....and all i can do is listen to the action.

Or even to confine me without allowing any insight into Her next session.....confind downstairs as Miss dominates upstairs.....

Caning and corporal punishment

 this is not on my likes list but most definitley is on Miss Suzannas love list.

i really would love to be able to take a good caning for Her.....prove my worth, enjoy the sting of the cane and wear Her marks with pride.....but im a bit of a wimp here..:)

i recall Miss caning my cock once after extrating my seed, for failing to reach 13 edges...this was pain and dispite my wriggles and cries Miss insisted on dishing out the full 13 strokes to Her poor failed cock.

i do enjoy watching Miss beat other men, and women with Her cane. Hearing their screams as Miss continues their beating is such a horny sound...

if i am to be beaten, and i do like to try then it is best if i am fully restrained, with which ever part of my body Miss wants to beat pointing skyward and ready for Her lashes

Chasity and key holding

Miss has had me chasitised now since March 2018, generally only permitting one release per week, on a Sunday and has even denied this on occasions.

If these denials happen prior to a session, or meeting with Miss with Her balls full and heavy, really drives submission and sometimes desperation to release......but also fear and apprehension as i fully suspect that the increased volume of spunk will be fed right back to me.

If i recall correctly the longest period of time Miss has chasitsed me is 17 days.......with explosive results when Miss finally extracted the seed from me.

It is a wonderful, surreal, daunting and proud moment each time i physically hand the key to Miss, say prior to filming or prior to events. She simply takes them.....all three of them and my mind enters the unknown of when She will release me and what indeed i have to do to earn this.

Whenever the instruction comes "you will lock up after worship tonight" is followed and Her cock gets physcally locked away. This has been whilst i have been at work, at events with Her, and events without Her, but when that cage goes on there is a constant gripping reminder of who i belong to and its impossible to remove Her from my thoughts. There is something really magical about walking round in public with a my appendage locked and controlled from afar...sitting and talking to people totally unaware of my situation.

A fantasy of mine would include being denied for a week or two, then seeing Miss for a tease and denial session without release with Her forcing me to lock myself up and give Her the keys before She dimissed me. Returning four or five days later for yet more tease and denial with Her choice of when and how to release me from my desperate and denied state


i love CBT!

It definitley is in my top 5 of fetishes - the pain, the pleasure, the control required, the control given up......when Miss Suzanna is putting pain through Her cock and Her balls

Miss Suzanna has many ways of torturing Her cock and balls, all designed to provide pain and they all driven my submission and ensure i remain compliant.

From using simple but effective techinques such as using Her divine hands to squeezing and try to pop the testicles to slapping the cock once She has forced it hard, are capable of effortlessly bringing me to my knees.

Deep Heat applied to the cock, especially an engorged and exposed head with the foreskin fully rolled down, will have me crying out in pain. Minimal effort here by Miss as She massages the lotion into me, to bring a prolonged deep burning and painful situation.

Miss has plenty of impliments in which to reign the pain on male genitals. The brutal Kalis Teeth certainly bites the cock as Miss easily forces my erection. i have been in a simple little plasric ball crusher whereby Miss slowly and painfully turns the screws to try to squash Her balls flat.....whilst driving the cock would be excruciating if She ever removed my orgasm whilst Her balls were flat like this.....

The humbler....a cruel device to keep subs on their knees and a myriad more - sounds, crops, whips, an egg topper, Her list is endless, Her pain devine.

Post orgasm torture is another area of CBT Miss has subjected me to. The first time i recall was when She forced a second orgasm from me, with no stopping after the first one was taken - the roller coaster of emotions going from relieve the spunk has been removed to the pain of the senstive post cum, to the resignation of my fate as the hand keeps milking me and the inevitablity of another forced and ruined orgasm, to the relief when She finally lets Her cock go.

Nylons are abrasive, especially on the exposed cock head POT would be a tough one to take here.

More on the way Miss has brutally dished out Her POT when i get to that section..:)

Then kicking, kneeing and ball busting in general are all ares where Miss excels at - and i willingly present my balls for Her to bust.

Sunday, 26 July 2020

Breath play

Something Miss has been pushing on with in recent months, and i love the journey that its taking.

There is something seriously hot when this dominant Lady plays with my breathing.

She has done this in many ways - facesitting, holding my throat, simply covering my mouth and nose with Her hands and on to various masks and hoods.

When that breath is taken away, or controlled like that the mind begins to concentrate on breathing, or not as the case could be, Miss is free to Her unique brand of torment on me.....whatever that maybe.

The masks with the bag on it is tough...hearing yourself breath and trying to maintain a rythmn as the pain commences is exlierating, if She chooses to drug me and introduce poppers then thats another level, as i float off into Her supersub space still concentraing on breathing as somewhere, something will be violating me or creating pain of some sort no doubt.

Breath play cements O/our trust in each other and is just another confirmation of my devotion, admiration and respect of Miss Suzanna as She controls the very basics of life.

Boot worship

i have a real weakness for thigh boots.....especially when worn over stockings.....its instant heart race and gets the blood flowing.

i adore that 'classic' Domme look as it radiates power and supremacy, with leather boots the top of tree here.

Outfit and scenario dependent all other boots are a win too and all worth of worship, when on Miss S’s heavenly legs.

Licking, kissing and cleaning boots – especially the aforementioned thigh high ones, can be hard work on the tongue…..but soooo worth it.

So yup, i’d include boot worship on the hot list.