Saturday, 10 August 2019

another little milestone...?????

Ever since the start of our journey, i have always wondered what it would be like to be that sub, in Miss Suzanna's company on the first morning following one of Her little personal vanilla breaks...when She has that itch to get back to kink and beat someone...!

Well this may very well come true on Wednesday...:)

Clearly, im not privvy to Her diary, so when i found out on Thursday that She was away for a long weekend, and i am booked in to session with Her on Wednesday, then my little itch may just be satisfied......thats if Wednesday is Her first day back of course...;)

Friday, 12 July 2019

Various techniques of control

so i have been sat here working away for Miss on various items all morning, chastised and forbidden to play as i watch clips and images, my erection swells and drops and the frustration is at a high right now!

its my own fault too...i have just watch a video of O/our last session, where Miss took me which ever way She wanted - on my knees, on my back, fast, slow, deep...even leaving the cock inside me for me to fuck myself as She watched and drugged me......any way thats for another time...right now my cock is rock hard and i am dying to worship Her..:)

So, in my predicament i need something to do with my hands an that is just note a few thought on how Miss controls me.

Firstly, obviously She renamed me, i am simply just called flash.

She keeps me chastised, allowing me a release only once per week following full worship of Her. This keeps me compliant, devoted and eager to remain so for Her.

Milking - again a regular milking, normally ruined in some way, keeps me in total submission and compliance as Her balls are drained and empty.

She regularly mounts me, removing any masculinity i think i may have. Sometimes this is as i am bent over a bench and secured with no where to go as She enters me. Other times it is on a bed on my back, my Mistress commanding eye contact as She penetrates me. The humiliation ensures devotion.

She drugs me, which usually sends me deeper into Her sub space ensuring my eyes water, lips tremble and i have no control over my mind or body....Hers do do as She pleases with them.

Intimidation - with Her eye contact - i cant cope with it, but She uses this so effectively to assert and maintain Her dominance over me.

Beatings - Miss beats me always hurts and i always try to take it for Her, with an aspiration to take more - i currently wear Her marks as a result of a recent caning.

Pain - Miss loves to dish out pain - Her cock and balls being favourite for torment at the moment.

Tease and torment - Miss conducts this perfectly, through voice, body and soul...when She chooses, i am putty in Her hands.

Humiliation - various methods used, from making me drink my own cum to forced bi to occasional public humiliation.

OK i need a cold shower, but they are just some of the techniques Miss Suzanna uses to control and own me.....which She does.

Sunday, 7 July 2019

the forced bi-ness

Ok, so like buses, no blog from me for months then two in two weeks..:) in fact, as long as i have something to write about i now fully intend to be more regular.

i am no writer though, neither do i want to be.....i just love writing from the heart, as i feel it, or the ideas come to me.

So my idea for this blog was to be 'secret'..a way of me communicating with Miss on wider subjects, for Her to read as and when (of even if) She wants to, without bombarding Her with emails. we all know the dangers of over communicating in life in general, and i am certainly not that person.

So, with that in mind, there will be no fan fare when i blog, its just there mainly for Miss to read, but as you are part of the journey too, then i am delighted you took the time to read my scribe.

This time, i just thought i would wax about my forced bi experiences.

Firstly, these were zero before i met Miss Suzanna. i have not even ever considered the thought of bisexual interaction way siree..i do love the idea of filming with other males involved, body contact etc not a problem.....but sexual stuff.....never entered my little brain.

It was clear from the outset that to earn my collar, i would be required to prove myself to Miss by completing Her set tasks. i did try to wheedle out of Miss what these task would be, but She was better than that and remained silent..:)

Approximately halfway through my devotion and yearning to earn that collar, on September 7th 2018, i was required to attend to a double Mistress session as this was something else that was on the list of activities i was required to complete.

Double Mistress sessions was not a new concept for me, but this would be my first with my potential owner...if i passed of course.

i have reviewed the session previously, so i wont go there but towards the end i was bound to the cross very securely. Miss Marks and Miss Suzanna were looking very excited before Miss left the room, returning with another naked slave on a lead behind Her.

This was to be my first forced bi experience........and i had no idea!

Now let me context forced...yes it is/was, as it's not my choice; but is consensual, such is the trust, knowledge, understand my Mistress and i have, i consent to anything She wants....because i trust Her to push me, but not break me.

Anyway, earlier in the session Miss had already forced one orgasm from me (and ruined it by pouring it down my throat) so when the other slave took me in his mouth, i knew he would have a challenge. Not wanting to disappoint and fail, i focused on the two blonde Mistresses infront of me, rather than the man who was now sucking my cock for the very first time.

Focus as i might, Miss's slave could not get me hard...i was forced to wank myself and cum on his face.....Miss would decide later if my collar was still an option.

So my take on this is strangely although i had failed, i did not 'dislike' the situation, and would consent to, but not request (!) a forced bi situation again. Apparently i said this to Miss in Derby......She remember and would not wait too long to test me again with my cock in another mans mouth.

So, Derby. This was a huge moment for me, as it was the time i put my trust, whole heartily in to Miss, at the blink on an eye....or heart beat.

So my considered next forced bi situation was during the filming of "The milking of Our stable"

There was no interaction as such, as i was secured to the bed. But this was my first time i had tasted another mans spunk, but it was not one but two other male subs had been milked into that glass before i was forced to cum in chastity into the same glass and the whole mixture poured down my throat! A totally ruined orgasm for me!:)

i did hear Miss whispering to Miss Mark and Miss Inka prior to the scene, i could not hear what about though. But following their plotting Miss turned to me and said "flash, you just need to trust Me". That i did, and that i still do to this day.

Third time was the cuckold situation.

OK so there definitely was no interaction here and my sight and hearing were removed.

However i was again forced to taste and swallow another mans load, this time it was from Miss' husband following His love making with Miss...what an great honour this was.

Again, i knew nothing about it, nothing about the cuckold plan until She told me as i was bound, drugged and immobile, and She was awaiting Her lover.

After She had enjoyed Him, She fed me His cum from Her fingers, which was clearly entwined with Her very own most sacred and holy of fluids.

i love the photos Miss took after this, look carefully and there is still a little bit of Her lovers cum on the corner of my mouth..;)

The fourth time was very recent. W/we were on set shooting for Her store, and prior to one scene...She simply turned to me and said "mushroom is going to suck your cock on this one".

The feeling i had was simply "yes Miss" - again it was; unexpected, forced but consensual, surprising with my willingness to not disappoint. This time i was sucked to an erection, with mushroom leaving me hard for Miss to finish the orgasm extraction as She expertly does.

So there is still no way i would say to Miss i want to do bi sexual things in our next monthly session.

But, the great advantage of investing the time, money and effort into each other is that She knows me so boundaries, hard limits, soft limits, places She has not taken me yet places She wants to take me too.

i have no doubt a 5th forced bi situation will happen......i know not when, where, with whom and how but it will definitely be forced, as it still ins't my choice, however it will be consensual as i trust Miss Suzanna 1000%.

thank you for

Sunday, 23 June 2019

Filming with Miss Suzanna at the English Mansion

Just a lil blog to provide some enlightenment as to Miss Suzanna's first trip to the almighty English Mansion.

my disappointment of not sessioning in June is partially made up for by the fact Miss had been invited to film for the English Mansion and in turn asked if i would like to be Her filming slave for the occasion. Being a long time fan and customer of the Mansion, it was something i simply could not pass up and jumped at the chance.

The last time i had been with Miss was also a filming assignment a month previous, so by recent standards this had been a long time between.

The proceedings commenced with me meeting my Mistress at the train station, wearing my collar with pride as i greeted Her from the train on the platform and carrying Her well packed suitcase for Her. She looked fabulous in Her little summer dress.

i accompanied Her to my car, walking beside and slightly behind Her, absolutely knowing my place when in the presence of such a dominant Female.

Miss chose to sit in the front of the car for the 2 hour journey as i proudly chauffeured Her to the venue. The journey was a good one, flying by as we caught up and chatted away.
We arrived a little earlier than our planned time, which allowed me to call into a couple of supermarkets - still collared - to try and find a back up pair of stockings for Her.....this ultimately proved fruitless....maybe i need to stock up on small black hold ups for just such occasions..:)

We found a nice little country pub to have a light meal before meeting with Mistress Sidonia. Miss went to the Ladies and upon Her return presented me with a bottle that used to contain a chocolate shake. The bottle was now warm to touch, and clearly contained Her most sacred liquid to drink it at my leisure...but all of it must be consumed! i find this so humiliating and a honour at the same time, and something i would not refuse to do.

Whilst we enjoyed a couple of drinks from the bar prior to our meal, we reviewed the video footage of Miss's recent Germany trip and i received some instructions on how i should edit etc.
Although there was no 'domination' within the public house, we we just 'vanilla' in there, it was clear that the landlord and lady were in no doubt of who was in charge of our time there! Miss is so naturally dominant in all situations i cannot be anything else than submissive.

So we enjoyed our light meal then gathered our things and made the short drive to the English Mansion. Mistress Sidonia's cameraman greeted us and then we met with Mistress Sidonia Herself and all four of us enjoyed a pleasant time chatting and getting introduced.

Then it was time to retire to get a good nights rest before filming the next day. Miss was shown to Her en suite accommodation for the night. my accommodation was a cage in an adjacent room to Miss, with a urinal bottle if i needed the toilet in the night!

So the first thing that happened when in O/our annex was a stern telling off by Miss for addressing Her, 3 times as Suzanna whilst we were chatting to Mistress Sidonia. She told me, in no uncertain terms that i am to address Her as Miss at all times, in private, in public any where....the message was loud and clear!

The next mistake i made was leaving the toilet seat up following my visit! This lapse of concentration was greeted with Miss making me crawl back into the bathroom and lower both seats individually with my mouth. i will not leave the seat up again...;)

We both settled in and unpacked etc and Miss told me She was going to shower.

Miss had forgotten Her pj's so i offered the use of one of my clean tee-shirts, to which She slept in an returned it to me the next day. Now it is the very first item of clothing i have received from Miss. A big bonus is that carries Her divine unmistakable scent.....although i have lost one of my favourite tee shirts to Her scent, i am a very happy flash....:)

Following Her shower Miss called me to massage Her back, which is such a great honour to be allowed to do.

Following the massage, Miss instructed me to kneel at the side of Her bed and unbutton my jeans and pull them and my boxers down to reveal flash junior.
Miss then proceeded to expertly edge me for what felt like forever but was easily more than long enough to drive me extremely frustrated. Not only did Miss use Her hands but Her feet too - which was another new mind blowing experience for me, being edged by Her feet.

Miss told me that when She does send me to bed, i am not allow to touch myself and definitely not release, thus making Her torment of me even more cruel. i did confess to Miss the next day, that i felt so tormented that i seriously considered begging to be put into my chastity cage for the night!!

When Miss did send me to cage i was indeed extremely frustrated and with Her balls very blue and took a while for me to nod off, in fact it took a while for my forced erection to subside......just as i was drifting away, my phone buzzed and Miss had sent me a photo of Her clearly masturbating next door......that didnt help my frustration and Her aching balls, yet more torment!

The next morning She asked me if i had heard Her climax as 'it was very loud'.....unfortunately, but thankful i didnt..:)

i was awake the next morning early, but chose to stay in my cage so as not wake Miss. It wasnt long though before i heard the unmistakable scream..." Mooorrrnnnniiingggg." from next door...i was soon up and dressed and after knocking, entered and offered to make tea and provide any service or servitude that She required.

i was allowed to sit on the edge of Her bed as She remained in bed checking the news and other items. i have to say She looked beautiful in Her bed and it was such a wonderful sight to look at Her so comfortable and go through Her exiting bed was so hot to watch Her stretching and waking. Yet more firsts in my submission to and support of Miss Suzanna Maxwell.

Mistress Sidonia was to come over at 10 am and we would get underway filming shortly thereafter. i didnt really know what to expect or what was expected of U/us but Mistress SVB is one awesome Lady and both Miss and i wanted to give it O/our best for Her.

i dont want to provide too many scene spoilers, you will have to watch the English Mansion clips when they are out....i cant wait and its an excuse to re-join one of the best Fem Domme site ever without getting myself in trouble..:)

The first scene did contain some nice trampling in heels and facesitting (something we dont do that often actually so was a great privilege for me) as well as worship of the Woman i adore.

The second contained some really cruel electrics and outright ball abuse. Pleasure for Miss, pain for me- something Miss delights in inflicting upon Her property.

Both scenes contained ruined orgasms...kind of naturally really when Miss is around - Miss claimed afterwards the first one was 'nice'....i sincerely disagree as  it was a totally frustrating ruined o. The second one was just simply cruel with some very painful POT which seemed to last forever....:(.

There was a third scene Miss filmed with another slave who could take a really big cock.....fair play to him....i love Miss penetrating me but i couldnt take something that big yet - drugs or no drugs☺ and it was hot to watch Her fucking him too...xx

With Her balls well and truly drained, beaten, battered and squashed we packed up and headed for home, both pleased with O/our offering to the English Mansion. Hopefully Miss will return, with me in tow in the not to distant future.

Thank You again Miss for allowing me to accompany You and film for You. It was another wonderful experience one of which i took some fabulous learning for to better serve in future.

see You soon,

Your slave flash

Saturday, 16 March 2019

collaring & cuckhold

The ceremony started with me in Miss's preferred position, naked, on my knees, head bowed and arms outstretched...palms upward of course, awaiting the arrival of Miss.

Miss arrived and adjusted the lighting in the room to Her taste before allowing me to kiss Her feet in greeting.

After the formality She allowed me to kneel up in front of Her and asked if i had read and understood my contract and that i was happy to sign it. i confirmed all points, and i would be more than happy to sign it, and subsequently myself over to Her.
Upon this confirmation, Miss put my collar around my neck and fastened it securely. It felt great to be Hers.

i had no idea what was in store for me this evening, although Miss had said there was a lot of planning involved.....i was intrigued.......

She started by confirming that W/we were to play a special game as it was a special occasion......a new game, called 13 Kisses.

Her rules were simple, i get to kiss Miss 13 times anywhere. However, where ever i pick She would hit me in the corresponding same place, sounds fair, and Miss got to go first.

Now i have so much respect for Her it is insane, and She revelled in my clear unease of choosing places to kiss Her - i would hate to overstep the mark, but clearly this is a very special honour......i played it safe with my first choice, Her beautiful bum.

i was bent over the bed for 2 hard, cold strikes of Her single tail across my bum.

my second choice was braver......kisses to Her breasts......i was made to lie on the bed face up when Miss struck me twice on my chest with Her wider whip - it hurt.

Next i choose feet - and duly received that single tail across the bottom of my feet.

Sensing Miss's patience running out at my cautiousness, my next choice of kissable place was bolder....two kisses to the cheeks.......for this i received two hard slaps to my face as Miss sat astride me on the bed.

i nervously asked for two more kisses to the cheek, to which Miss seemed disappointed and called me weak....:) - before slapping hard twice again.

Getting brave i next suggested Miss Suzanna's sacred treasury......!!!! Miss was delighted....probably at the delight of hurting my balls again..;)

i was still laid out on my back on the bed, Miss positioned my cock to Her liking then struck me with Her cock moved so that blow didnt count. She re positioned it and hit me again....again my cock moved so the strike was cancelled.....another re-positioned and another whip to Her cock and the pain seared through me instantly causing me to writhe in agony for Her.

next a kiss on Her beautiful red lips

i pursed my lips and then She hit my lips with Her whip perfectly...!

my final two choices, were one on Her most sacred place again  and one more on Her amazing derriere.

Miss wasted no time in whipping my cock again...this hurt more than last time and had me screaming into the bed sheets as Miss commanded me to roll over so She could place a third stripe on my bum, between the other two. Her whip came down quickly and the pain was electric and had me rolling in agony again for Her.

So then the reward of kissing my Mistress......i was a nervous wreck at the prospect of this!

Firstly, i was allowed to kiss Her perfect bum cheeks, one kiss on each cheek. Then a prospect i never dreamt would ever kiss Her fabulous breasts.....again one tender kiss to each of Her assets. i was always a 'leg man' prior to meeting Miss.....Her and Her assets changed that for me with Her...;)

A kiss to Her foot was next followed by four very nervous kisses to each of Her cheeks.

Shaking even more now i was allowed a slow kiss on Her big beautiful red lips.....such an honour....!

After wiping Her lipstick from my lips Miss then chose for me to kiss Her bum again, and then to end the 13 Kisses game i was to kiss Her most special place......omg!

Miss lay on the bed and encouraged me to get close to Her, close to Her covered place of heaven. my face was an inch or so from Her as She whispered to me....Her scent was divine....i was savouring this magical moment...."kiss it.....slowly...gently" She whispered......nervously i softly i kissed Her the thin satin fabric that covered Her most special was such a special moment.......Miss continued to whisper as i remained so, so close to Her......."kiss again..." was my softly spoke second gentle kiss on Her again, was so, so special..........i was a very lucky boy.

After these special moment Miss them put me on my back and attached cuffs to my wrists and ankles, i spotted Her hogtie come out of Her back of tricks, so i knew i was to be immobilised.

With all 4 cuffs on me, Miss then masked me, blindfolded me and lay next to me.........She began to drug i started to slip away, it was here that She explained what was to happen next......

"i am going to position you, bound and secure to that little couch next to the bed. I will continue to drug you and take away your senses. Then My husband is going to enter the room, remove My clothes....slowly.......piece by peace and go down on Me...prepare Me then take me......he is going to fuck me..........right next to you. When he has finished inside of Me............I am going to scoop the mixed cum and feed it to you....."

jesus christ!.........

i was transferred to the couch, and the hogtie was arms and legs clipped together...Miss administered more drugs as She once more put me it that ultra submissive place She loves to have me. Then She inserted a vibrator into me and finally, ear defenders put on me to further remove my senses and commit my thoughts wholly to my Mistress and what She was about to receive.

it was quiet for a while....just the sound of Miss in the room......ominously above me

then i heard the door open and footsteps....he must have arrived........what did he think of me........a stranger in the room......... naked, bound, drugged and without senses........put there by his Lover........

it was silent for a while, save for the odd rustle of movement, clearly just settling in....where they kissing.....or was She just demanding pleasure...??

i heard the bed move, had he stripped Miss already? was She naked?.....was he going down on Her? he must be.
i heard Her gasping, some whispering and Miss moaning a little now, Her lover must be eating Her now - how fantastic!

i kept hearing Her little whimpers, moans of joy that he was giving Her - the most Regal of places being fully worshipped i a way i would never, ever be allowed to.

Her moans continued with the faint rustle of the bed through my hearing protection.

was he fucking Her yet? - or still pleasuring Her Regal royal place orally, i couldn't quite tell......i did know She was fully enjoying the pleasure he was giving Her though.

then the breathing got louder from both of them., deeper, faster......his breathing keeping a constant beat....Miss moaning as the pleasure hit Her............She was getting louder too.

surely now Miss was getting penetrated.........fucked, right next to me........ the rhythm built and built quickly......there was no doubt now that he was well and truly inside of Her........the bed moved at a rhythmical and fast pace, i imagined that cock pumping in and out of Her, but what position where they in...?, how was he taking Her? my cock was twitching at the thought and sound of my Mistress getting pounded and pleasured by Her lover.

Miss Suzanna's moaning in time now...louder and louder as Her fucking continued....shrieking at one point as he was clearly deep inside of Her

then the rhythm slowed, had it stopped, i couldn't quite tell.......had he cum....? had She cum....?? i did hear bed rustling noises and movement.........the moans of pleasure subsiding........they were done were they?

was it now my time to clean up..??

it was, as i found out all to soon with the unmistakable feeling of Miss's long sharp nails near my mouth. Her fingers were wet, wet with sperm as She wiped them across my lips and plunged them into my mouth....i licked the cum from Her.

Her fingers disappeared then quickly reappeared with another load of spunk for me to eat - i think - i hoped - i know - it was mixed with Her love juice as She surely was scooping that cream pie from Her and feeding it to me. it was an honour to taste such a rare and beautiful thing.....mixed perfectly inside of Her.

A third handful of jizz entered my mouth and i greedily licked Her cum laden fingers clean.

i heard the door shut, was that Her lover gone?......did he watch me eat his load...or was he getting dressed again...who knows..all i knew then was i had been present whilst he had given Miss considerable pleasure....and i had cleaned it up.

How long they had been having sex for i had no idea.....i had no idea of time

Soon Miss returned to me and slowly removed my restraints and returned my senses to me.....She looked delightfully happy, pleasured, delighted and smiling.

"on the bed, on your back" She commanded.........."now how do I like to finish you...?" edging was the answer and for the next moments Miss, fresh from Her sexual pleasure, looking radiant and gorgeous in Her lingerie edged me until i could hold no more and exploded all over myself.

Miss thankfully didnt ruin this orgasm and brought me to a wonderful end....although She did feed me some filth at the end for my taste of a second load of spunk that evening, it wasn't enough to be considered ruined.

After She had left, i looked at the scrumped bed sheets that, moments before had witnessed my beautiful Mistress and Her lover have sex together .....and wondered if that was indeed what happened or i had dreamt it!

It is 2 days later as i write this, and i still dont think it has sunk in yet....that was one very special event to which i am truly thankful.

i met with Miss again the very next day where She again administered a painful branding on my balls, and extracted another orgams.....this time well and truly ruined as i didn't even know i had cum!

There is no doubt who the balls that are attached to me belong to - they are Miss Suzanna's balls, of that there is no doubt.

With the contract signed and in place and Her balls re-branded i now feel wholly owned by Her, if i didn't before....xxxxxxx

Finally, i just need to say this once more. This is not me being a keyboard warrior and facelessly waxing lyrical without feeling. i have said this to Miss in person several times, it absolutely comes from the very bottom of slave flash's heart and is many times more genuine than i can get across in the written word.

Firstly i would like to thank Miss Suzanna's husband for pleasuring and making love to his beautiful Woman with me cuck'd in the corner, it was a fantastic and very special experience.
You have my total respect and admiration...thank

Then, thank You once more to my amazing Mistress for the planning and execution of such a special,  private and intimate moment, for considering me worthy, and allowing me to be apart of it.

Indeed, thank You again for even considering me for ownership in the first place and for Your guidance and corrections along the way which have moulded the way in which You wish me to serve You to Your specification.

Who would have thought, that following our first meeting 128 weeks ago, i and We would be where we are today??
Following that meeting, Miss did know i would be back but neither of us truly knew then, that it would lead to this fabulous connection, relationship, submission and ultimately ownership of me, by Her.

i know i have worked very hard for my collar, Her trust, confidence, and Her support. i will continue to do so. This stuff does not come freely, easily or without sacrifice, it does pays back in bunches. It is very much a two way street, to which i hope will be a very long one. xxx

all the very best,

slave flash

Sunday, 10 March 2019

24 orgams.....22 ruined.

During my time devoted to Miss, which is now a little over 12 months, She has taken 24 orgasms from me...not given me 24 orgasms, most definitely taken them from me and most of those have been forced out of me.

Out of those 24 orgasms, 22 were ruined in someway!

When it is time to take that orgasm, most of the time Miss edges me to it....a painful and extremely frustrating method i find, but one which delights Miss Suzanna.....especially if i fail and cum before Her prescribed number, as then i get beaten, and post orgasm torture is tough to take!

Probably my most famous fail was on camera. Miss was looking smoking hot in purple lingerie that day and had crushed my balls in the crusher and had vibrating plug inside me for a while, when She announced i was to suffer 13 edges.......i lasted a pathetic 2 and She was not amused!

The immediate consequence was 4 hard slaps to my still ejaculating balls......a very painful ruin i can tell you!!

Then Miss scooped up my cum and fed it back to me, before going on to cane my still semi hard cock a painful 13 times...that orgasm definitely belong to Miss Suzanna!

A filmed ruin, and a first for Miss Suzanna was when She forced me to cum in chastity.....She mercilessly teased me with Her vibrator whilst i was caged then gave me a count down or no cum for me.

The count was to 31...i made 17 i think before the painful my horror, after pausing for a while, Miss continued the count to 31 post orgasm!! Let me tell you, this was agony!

Another time in session, but still caught on camera was when Miss Marks joined Miss in a double domination of me. i stripped naked and waited the entrance of two Dommes in the normal way, on my knees arms out and palms upward.

Miss and Miss entered, i kissed both of their feet before being told to stand where my wrists were  attached to the hoist and hoisted out of the way and above my head. Wasting no time, Miss Suzanna immediately commenced wanking me to erection and continued to milk me. Given the sight of the two gorgeous Dommes in front of me dressed in lingerie and the milking that was happening i was surprised i lasted as long as i did!

It wasnt that long though before Miss Suzanna had me on the edge of orgasm, but there was no stopping this time, i begged to cum and Miss allowed it....continuing Her milking as i 13 day load caught in a glass. As soon as i was empty, Miss commanded me to open my mouth, where She tipped my spunky mess down my throat.....mean while Miss Marks went back to the cock and commenced some post orgasm torture.!!!!

Although i have licked it off boots before, been fed from fingers etc, this would be the first time ever i had swallowed my own load like that...and there was a lot of it..;)

there is a clip of this on Her OnlyFans site btw..;) xx

Another first was when She took another orgasm from me, whilst i was chastised. This time bound star shape on Her bed, Miss had Her vibrator on my cock as Her two Mistress friends, Miss Marks and Mistress Inka milked two other slaves.

Little did i know that those two had been milked into a glass......i to would be forced to ejaculate into the same glass. After my painful chastised orgasm Miss Suzanna again commanded me to open my mouth, where She poured the three lots of spunk down my throat........!

For me this was a pivotal point in our relationship. Miss had told me She would push my levels in this scene, but not told me how. i had never swallowed another guys load before, yet She had the knowledge and confidence to know i would do it for Her and not break and the skill and etiquette to carry it successfully. i just trusted Her implicitly, and did it without question, for Her. xxxx

How else has She ruined me....??? Oh yes...the very first time. i was sessioning with Miss and bound to the big heavy bench. She edged me and when i begged to be allowed to cum, She granted it and to my delight kept wanking as i delight soon turn to pain as She continued wanking and told me " I want another.....!" Miss kept wanking me through the painful and sensitive bit straight after orgasm and quickly had my cock jerking and spitting spunk for Her once more.....2 orgasms back to back!

Other ways include taking Her hand away just before i began ejaculation, feeding me my cum - via Her hand, feet or more recently a glass, making me wank into a sissy's face, and in a public toilet, the edging way and no touch just prior to cum.

There was one other way to, an actual first for Miss Herself, where by She made me cum without actually touch my cock or balls......that was frustration.....!!!! and for Miss and i to keep the secret on how She did it...;)

The two unruined ones were both in session. The first in session 5 where She made a deal with me.......She would ruin my first one, at the start of the session - which She did - then She would let me have a nice one at the end....which She did.

The second was my Christmas present! What a present it was to and what a session! i have already described the pegging part, the release part was just as intense.

Miss was sat across my legs....."31 times today flash.....if you make it, you can have a nice orgasm.." 31 times edged She meant!!!!!! the first ten were with me facing Her, the second ten was with Her face sitting that was really tough to i managed i will never know, but the last 9...because i could only manage 29 were very close together and almost at the edge of failure each time. i came on 29 and thankfully Miss had some Christmas cheer and milked me nicely to the non ruined toe curling end........thank You Miss....xx

i am able to cum multiple times on and off camera and in the right circumstances shoot a long way - which looks great..;).

i hope you have enjoyed a little read into how my Mistress owns and controls my male seed for Her enjoyment and content benefit, and i would like it no other way as i love having my cum extracted from me by Miss in Her cruel and painful ways....both on camera for great content in Her clips stores and in the privacy of

Monday, 18 February 2019

Drugged by Mistress

OK, Miss Suzanna is my drug we all know that......but.......

i have been addicted since our very first meeting. However, in the last few sessions, Miss has actually started to drug me....and it is a whole new experience for me.

i understand people react differently to poppers than others, i must react very well, as when they fall into Mistress's beautifully manicured hands, they take me places i have never witnessed before.

i have had poppers before, in fact Miss Herself gave them to me on that said very first meeting as She bent me over and pegged me for the first time.....its nice, it relaxes you - but when they are 'forced' into you for a more prolonged time then boy is it different!

my first experience of this difference was following my first branding. Miss had me strapped securely to Her gynaecologist chair and after She had  branded me She began the forced intox and anal stretching procedure.

my sight was removed with a blindfold - a trick i now know Miss uses very deliberately and to a resounding success....then the bottle was placed near my nose, She closed the other nostril with Her finger, and some fingers under my jaw meant that to breath, i had to inhale those poppers.

Suddenly the music blends further into the background, and Miss's sexy whispering tones become deeper, hornier and more pronounced as more drugs are administered. It was a heavy drugging, more than i had inhaled before for sure.

Once Miss was satisfied i was in deep sub space, She began the pumping up of the dildo that had been placed in my is a blur what happened after, i all know it was a very erotic and intense experience the like i had not experienced before.

Move forward to the next session....the one before Christmas and my very first domestic setting. i didn't really know what to expect to be fair, this time i was taken deep into Her space again.

After the worship, and mandatory beating, i was laid out on the bed, wrists cuffed together above my head, and again my sight removed with a blind fold.

With me secured naked to Her bed, i sensed Miss appear to the side of me and again, using the one nostril trick ensured i had to inhale Her drugs. As Her medicine began to work, i sensed Her now between my legs and almost over me......i felt a little tissue under my nose and again the smell of poppers....this time i craved them inhaling deeply through my nose, clamouring for the drugs my Mistress was giving me.

Then the cold sensation of lube before something was in my ass.....feeling Her legs so close this was clearly Her strap seemed to slip in easily as i continued to inhale the drugs.

Miss took time for my ass to get use to the foreign object in it, before She began slowly and sensually fucking me with it...i am sure She was talking to me again, im not sure what was said, but it was erotic, as She went deeper and deeper inside of me....never have i been taken so deeply as She was fucking me right now.....slow, rhythmic and deep......heaven.

i felt Miss changing positions and sensed Her near me....She removed the blind fold, as my eyes adjusted to the light i could see a vision of perfect beauty, up close and staring right into my eyes, as She continued to fuck me.

Normally, when Miss stares at me at close quarters, i fold and look away...but here i was transfixed on Her big beautiful blue eyes. i could not look away and i gazed into Her.

As we engaged in the deep eye contact...Hers of dominance, mine of submission i could not help my self but whisper...."please Miss.........fuck me..."

my eyes were teary, my lips were shaking and my body trembling all over as Miss Suzanna obliged the slow deep probing inside my She was silent....just staring, moving, fucking me in a heaven i didnt want to end.

i was silent, unable to move as i was deep, deep into Her space again, totally submissive, wholly in Her control and ready and willing for the Woman i adore.

It is an out of this world experience, one in which Miss is a expert in and in total control of. i have since been fortunate to have been subjected to it again.

She delights in putting me there, wholly owning my body, mind and total state of submission beneath Her, where She could do absolutely anything She wanted to do to me.

my words cannot do the feeling justice, it is simply immense, a whole new level. One where i feel like a physical part of the Goddess i adore as She strips all and any part of my masculinity and takes me on Her journey.


i feel honoured and privileged to be owned by this amazing Woman, and will remain totally devoted to Her and Her needs.