Thursday, 14 May 2020

Armpit worship and Bastinado

OK two for one here - Armpit worship and Bastinado - two separate things...obvs..:)

i would worship any part of Miss Suzanna Maxwell's body She wanted me to and/or allowed, and i am fortunate enough to have worked hard enough to be able to worship Her amazing body....but Her armpits have so far eluded me.....xx

i cannot recall ever doing this in my kinky journey, but i'll never say never.

Canning of the feet is hard for me, its hard work. Miss has done this, maybe hurt..:) i am sure i will experience it again sometime at Her expert hands.

Animal training (pony / puppy play)

Ok next up animal training....well probably something i'd ever 'request' i guess but i have been made to do this in a clip early 2019.

i pranced around as a horse and got beat for fact it's one of the quite rare times Miss has caned me.

Her two friends caned me....three times each iirc, and that was all fine and dandy.....then Miss caned me and bloody hell what a difference....much harder and of course, i wanted to / had to take it..:)

A fetish not really for me, but i would do if required and to please Herself..:)xx

Sunday, 10 May 2020

anal play, enema and strap on

The way Miss Suzanna pegs me is nothing short of genious, always different, always creative and always to Her satisfaction.

From the first time She took me, bent over a bench and taken from behind to the time before lockdown when i was indeed locked down to Her bed.

my wrists shackled and a breath restricting hood placed on me, Miss prepared to take me as i concentrated on breathing.
The way Miss nailed me that day left me in no doubt who my owners is. Fast, hard and deep with a regular dose of drugs i had no choice but to embrace the role reversal, submit and take this fine display of Female domination i was being subjected to.

Each time that cock penetrates me it serves as a reminder of the power and control Miss Suzanna holds over me, and who i wantonly submit to. Any remains of masculinity are removed as Miss pushed Her cock into me.

This even more true when the bigger cocks are used, filling me and stretching me as Miss pegs me.

It is my ambition and goal to take bigger and fatter cocks for Miss. Before the lockdown i was well on with a training regime to stretch that hole for Her, and will certainly pick it back up again before my next visit to Her.

Another ambition is to be pegged multiple times using bigger and bigger cocks....with a break in between, maybe other activities, but i will know that sooner rather than later, violation again is inevitable.

Anal is one of Miss' favourite fetishes and She delivers it with astounding success.

fetishes....what do they mean.....???

So ive had this idea in my head now, and indeed some blogs drafted, on what some of the various fetishes mean to me, from a submissives point of view.

i have just taken a list of the fetishes Miss Suzanna lists on Her site and i will just take time to run through them and see where it goes.

Now being a little organised, it will need to be alphabetical..:)

Most of these i have been fortunate to experience, maybe as part of the collaring regime or maybe sitting out side of it.

Adult baby play
Anal play and training / enema / strap on
Animal training (pony / puppy play)
Armpit worship
Boot worship
Breath play
Caning and corporal punishment
Chastity training/ key holding
Cross dressing
Dinner dates
Double Domme
Electro play
Face sitting (clothed)
Face slapping
Financial Domination
Foot worship
Forced Bi
Hot wax play
Human Furniture
Human Ashtray
Humiliation (verbal / physical)
Medical play
Needle play
Nipple torture
Orgasm control/denial
Phone domination
Post Orgasm Torture
Public humiliation
Role play
Sensory play/deprivation
Sensual Domination
Skype domination
Small penis humiliation
Submissive assistance
Tease & denial
Tie & tease
Urethral Sounding
Water sports

So quickly let me just make a comment on a couple of activities that are 'not for me', which is pretty much only Adultbaby.

So that means the first blog coming, is anal.....:)

Thursday, 20 February 2020

taken a different way

The last few times Miss has pegged me has been on the more sensual side.....lay on my back, Miss over and on top of me, hands round my throat and staring deep into my eyes as She penetrates me.

The sensual and visual overload during the violation drives my submission, reinforces Her dominance over me and ensures i know my place beneath Her.

The most recent time Miss choose to sodomise me, She also chose a different way to method of doing so.

As i lay on my front. She firstly hogtied me, gagged and blind folded me before inserting a plug into my arse. When the time came to remove the plug, Miss also removed the hog tie, gag and blind fold, before driving Her cock inside of me.

Naked and face down on Her bed with my head in the pillows Miss fucked me hard and fast. No looking at Her pretty little face as She took me, just head buried in the pillows which muffled my gasps as Miss continued to nail me.

Short, fast and hard strokes Miss pumped in and out of me as i lay there with just my thoughts as She pound away behind me.

When She was satisfied, She withdrew....only to replace the cock that had just been inside me with a larger one..."On all fours" She commanded as She got back on the bed..."pick up the poppers and inhale..." as Her drugs entered my head She entered my arse for round two. Miss grabbed my hips and proceeded to take me doggy style....this time a slower pace but deep and relentless.

A pegging of a different technique, yielding the same result and ensuring my submission, devotion as She reinforced Her dominance.


Saturday, 25 January 2020

Her human receptacle

So i am sat here, grabbing some screen stills from a hot human ashtray clip i filmed with Miss recently, and it got me thinking about the substances She effortlessly forces me to ingest, without question, and for Her pleasure and amusement.

In this instance its not only the ash i have to eat but She really does exhale all of Her smoke directly into my mouth, even holding my nose shut to ensure that i consume the lot.

i am no longer a smoker....except when Miss chooses to use me as Her smoke and ash tray, to which i find myself unable to resist and honoured to assist.

During this clip Miss also departed Her spittle into my mouth - it is such an honour to receive this. Whether Miss spits with force and venom at my face, or slowly drizzles Her saliva into me, the liquid produced by my Mistress is always sacred and a pleasure to receive.

Previously, She has forced me to drink the spunk of other men.....and i feel sure that She has not finished with this humiliating and degrading of drinks just yet

She has also of course forced me to drink my own seamen - both in Her presence and remotely - which i had to film me doing so as evidence...

In Her latest creation Miss has me swallowing is a cocktail of my very own cum and Her champagne, all mixed together in a glass. Having milked me into the receptacle containing Her golden nectar, She handed me the glass so as i did the deed myself, and emptied the spunky champagne cocktail, into my own mouth and on to swallow it.

Talking of champagne, although always a little humiliating drink, it is always an honour to receive the golden product of Her heavenly body.

i am fortunate enough to have consumed this in many ways - both warm and cold - on film and off, from only Miss and mixed with other Mistress's nectar, in public, in private and in a group situation where everyone knew that my drink was Mistress's champagne, and ultimately from the source itself.

So in reality, all of the products She produces have now gone inside of me....and some products She doesn't produce..:)

Another ingestion was Viagra......just as She had me chastised in a Mikes Spikes.....ensuring my erection was sustained, even under the oppression of the spikes......and Miss didnt need to even touch me to inflict Her pain.

Such cruel, wicked humiliating ways to ensure i swallow whatever She desires me too.


Wednesday, 22 January 2020

The day is definitely coming.....

i can feel it, i can sense it, i fantasise about it...the day is coming when i fully take another mans cock.

There is no doubt about it Miss Suzanna has me well and truly on the forced bi road. She put me on it for Her pleasure and is/has expertly manipulated and trained me to Her whim.

Over the journey of working for, and obtaining Her collar the bisexual path has been inter linked.

i have already swallowed the cum of three men - whether my future spunk swallowing activities are confined, or i am required to eat the spunk of whoever Miss Maxwell chooses me to, is quite simply the choice and decisions of my Owner.

The first time i swallowed male filth was all caught on camera. Miss had Her two Dominatrix friends, Miss Ruby and Mistress Inka both milk Their sub into a little glass jar. With the cum of two men extracted, all three Mistress's attention then turned to me, forcing me to ejaculate, whilst i was physically chastised into the same little jar. Miss then delighted in tipping the spunky mix down my throat. i had no choice but to swallow, which i did without question.

This followed me being made to cum on a sissy face, as part of a bukkake scene Miss wanted...again...i was futile against the will of Her wishes of that day and duty masturbated over him for Her.

The second and third times where Her Husbands own cum. Once warm and fed to me from Miss's fingers following my cuckolding experience, and once cold, fed to me off a spoon in a humiliating and degrading act of cuckolding.

i have also had my cock sucked three times by three different men, for Mistress amusement. The first was as i was securely bound to a wheel. Miss and Her friend Miss Ruby taunted and teased me as Their sub went down on me for the first time.

Second was again caught on camera. When Miss was informing me and Her other sub of the plan for the clip She simply told us both, that he was going to suck my cock. He did, and sucked me erect - both of us performed our forced bisexual duties without question for our Mistress. It was at this point i knew i would be made to deliver my load into another man sooner, rather than later.

This delivery happened just before Christmas as Miss coerced my cock into another mans mouth, and this time it was to completion.
i was before Miss, submissive and naked except for my collar and bound star shaped. Miss had just branded me, so my full balls were very sore.
She used Her mesmerising techniques to ensure i complied with Her wishes of that day, and force me into bi sexual activity once more.
Drugged, bound and teased She drove me into a super submissive state ensuring i offered no resistance as i felt my cock enter his warm willing mouth. Expertly he sucking me erect and then on to full orgasm, Miss graciously allowing me to cum in his mouth as my balls drained into him.

my Owner is in total control of me and it is simply a case of when not if, She chooses for me to receive a real cock for the first time.

Not only is it Her choice of when and where but which cock, if he is allowed to cum, if he is will it be down my throat? will i have to swallow it, how many days worth of spunk will be in the balls, will there just be one cock, or multiple, will i be blindfolded, will i be chastised as i give head, or a free man - all Her choices.

When it does happen i hope that Miss looks at me, with my lips around a nice erect cock and feels proud that i am Hers, proud that i am sucking cock for Her, proud that She can humiliate me in this way. i hope She watches as my first real cock twitches and pulsates in my mouth, knowing that it is now delivering the contents of two full balls of spunk to the back of my throat.

There is a lot that fascinates me about sucking a real cock.
Will i be able to control my gag reflex as he unloads inside me? and keep his cock in my lips? will i Miss let me see the first man to penetrate me? will i know the name of the fist guys spunk i swallowed directly? will i be required to swallow with is cock inside me? or will he pull out to let me swallow the spunk? how hot will it look as his cock head slides in and out of my lips? how hot will it look when the cock pulsates into me? how will he taste? how much cum will there be? will Miss milk me and feed this to me after making two lots of cum in me? could i swallow more loads? how about a glory hole?...the questions rage on.

So once i have been penetrated orally and swallowed more and more spunk it can only be a matter of time before Miss over sees and orchestrates removing my anal virginity and claiming it as another one of Her prize's.

i wonder how Miss will do this....will She want to stare deep into my eyes as it penetrates me? or will She want to watch the cock as it slides in and out of my hole? will She spitroast me?  Who will it be? Who will She choose to take me? Will he cum whilst inside me? Will Miss peg me afterwards? With a bigger cock? All of these questions, and the answers all lie with not me, but one fantastic Woman, my Owner Miss Suzanna Maxwell.

From a hard limit when i began devotion, Miss has skilfully and successfully manipulated and bent my will to Her desires, the desires to do whatever She wants with me......and i cannot resist.